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1993 Taejon World Expo, South Korea

Ms. Lutsky was the only Canadian artist invited to exhibit her installation "The Era of Giants" in the newly inaugurated Recycling Art Museum.
It was located on the site of the World Expo which welcomed 20 million visitors.

1990 Osaka World Expo'90, Japan

Ms. Lutsky was commissioned for the Europa Pavillion entrance decoration.
The Europa Series which consists of 6 painted mirrors (245cm*122cm) with a floral design is also the subject of an installation which centers on the subject of the floral world. These mirrors are also unique for interior design, modern or traditional are presently available to collectors.
Please contact us at [email protected]

1988 Brisbane World Expo'88, Australia

The France Pavillion commissioned an external mural work by Ms. Lutsky. The result was a much acclaimed series of 12 large paintings (180 square metres of canvas) "The Art Of French Leisure".
The paintings celebrated the theme of Leisure and Australia's bicentennial.

These 12 canvases are the subject of a Recycling Project in 3D. A work in progress, this event will be conducted in situ in a large gallery or museum. The resulting artworks will be available to collectors. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST and sponsorship for this eleborate project in planning are welcome.
Please contact us at [email protected]

( "in addition.)..Ms. Lutsky had served as Art Events Director for the France Pavillion. She designed and directed a very successful Art Program .(please see World Expo'88)
This publicly attended series of OUTDOOR "work in progress" projects was focused on environmental art works created by professional Australian artists.
Thematic exhibitions on the open plaza of the France Pavillion followed every week-long Project Creation Workshop. The art program was widely reviewed and appreciated by millions of visitors on the site of the Brisbane World Expo'88.

Ms. Lutsky is interested in directing similar, sponsored art programs open to professional guest artists, for Art School students, and indeed students of ALL levels.

1986 Vancouver World Expo, Canada

Ms. Lutsky was invited by the European Pavillion to show her lyrical series of works celebrating Mediterranean Architecture. A few of these works are available.

1986 Elias Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus

Ms. Lutsky was commissioned for over 100 original tritychs for the new hotel rooms. The theme: Patterns of the Ancient World.

1986 Princess Hotel, Eilat, Israel

Selection of floral pastel series for the resorts' restaurant.

- 1983
As a Field Producer she created and directed several television profiles of Canadian Artists.
(The CBC has them in archived on the public affair program "Vendredi Vingt Heures".) This program reaffirmed Ms. Lutskys' affinity for the field of visual conception and for team work.
1975 International Art Centre, Elephant and Castle, London, England
1979 Centre Culturel Francais, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1980 The Vancouver Arts Council, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1987 The Royal Queensland Art Scie., Brisbane, Australia
1988 The Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, France
1988 The Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane, Australia
1988 Phillip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane, Australia
1990 Colombe Salon, Osaka, Japan
1994 Nall Foundation, Vence, France
1995 The Negresco Hotel, Nice, France
1995 The Silk Museum, Cevennes, France
1997 Canada Selection, Arts in Monaco