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Current Projects Requiring Sponsorship
The France Pavillion murals which consist of 12 canvases (180 m.sq) are presently the subject of a Recycling Project in 3D.
As a work in progress, this event will be conducted in situ in a large gallery or museum.
The resulting artworks will be available to collectors.
Expressions of interest and sponsorship for this eleborate project in planning are welcome.

The Europa Series which consists of 6 painted mirrors (245cm*122cm) with a floral design is also the subject of an installation which centers on the subject of the floral world. These mirrors are also unique for interior design, modern or traditional are presently available to collectors.

We welcome queries from the following industries
· printing · fashion design · textile design · furniture design ·

Please contact us should you wish for more information on any of the art works or on the cited projects in planning welcoming sponsors and exposure.

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