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This Online Gallery is dedicated to the memory of my beloved mother, Esther (1911-1985)
who by demonstration taught me the love of health, nature, cultures and justice

... a blue print for possible world peace.

This dedication is also to my young sister Chantal (1956-2000) with tender memories of our childhood together.

May they both rest in peace.


This Online Gallery pledges to support the only youth organisation dedicated to Free The Children of the world from

  • poverty
  • ignorance
  • slave labour
  • human trafficking
  • and abuses of all kinds

We pledge to donate 10% of all final sales of available art works featured in this gallery to Craig and Marc Kielburger`s Free The Children organisation.
We encourage all to visit this unique web site and support it for the sake of a brigher future for humanity.


It displays art works and projects of the last 30 odd years.
A retrospective is presented that allows the visitor to view and appreciate the variety of artistic approaches explored by the artist over a few decades. One notices the common yarn that binds these art works of different periods, ie: the passion for the infinite expressions of nature designs, a vibrant colour palette that has become the hallmark of the Artist, and a talent for composition.